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Recommendations for Use


When manufacturing wire rope, textile and chain slings and guy ropes, suspension cables and other load-gripping devices, use is made of such purchased parts as hooks, links and rope thimbles.

In wire rope and chain slings the following hoisting hooks types are applied: hoist hooks equipped with safety locks, eye hooks type 320A and latch hooks type G80.


Load slings may contain the following elements which connect them to the load-gripping arrangements:

-        triangular split links PT1, PT3;

-        triangular links T;

-        oval links Oв.

They are made of high-strength alloyed steel.


Wire rope legs are connected to links with the aid of rope thimbles which are steel curved plates having a trough-like cross-section. Application of rope thimbles helps to preserve the rope and gripping arrangements against abrasive wear. Sling elements (hooks, links) are tested at the Manufacturer's at a static load which exceeds the rated hoisting capacity by 25%.

Shackles are used in hoisting and static systems as detachable connecting elements to steel wire ropes, chains and other rigging arrangements. Two kinds of shackles are produced: Dee rigging shackle type G2150 and bow rigging shackle type G 2130.