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Name of production Application Order
The mesh for the reinforcement of concrete constructions
GOST 23279-85
Applied for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete plates, foundations and other constructions
Braided mesh
GOST 5336-80 TU U 28.7-00191046-016-2003
The mesh is applied for territory fencing, for mountainside protection and so on.
Corrugated mesh GOST 3306-88 and TU U 28.7-00191046-018-2004
Applied for bolts, for territory fencing, for protection from working machinery and so on. Order
Steel wire mesh
TU U 28.7-36431800-017:2009
Used for the manufacture of batteries and cell boiler for the animals and birds. Order
Mesh for strengthening of excavation
TU U 12.00185790.070-95
For keeping of included rocks along the whole perimeter of excavation of coal mine, which is fixed with frame, anchor and mixed linings. Order