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Technical characteristics


Reinforcement stabilized strands are produced with wide range of application at the production of large constructions: buildings, structures, bridges, conduits, reservoirs, airports, tunnels hangars, oildrilling platforms, nuclear power stations; at the production of concrete railway sleepers. The application of multiwire reinforcement stabilized strands allows to achieve the same strength in prestressed constructions without increasing the diameter and the number of strands with obvious economy on account of their fastening at the anchors.

Since 1994 the production of stabilized reinforcement strands with low relaxation has been developed. The new up-to-date machinery which allows to produce stabilized reinforcement strands has the annual output of 20 thousand tons.

The good mechanical characteristics of reinforcement strands after heat and mechanical treatment, continuous improvement of the technology have a decisive significance in the use of steel products in the building industry and make reinforcement strands for prestressed concrete constructions by one of the main products.

The most up-to-date technologies which meet the buyer's requirements at the existing system of quality control are used at the strands' production.