Ropes made ​​of polymer materials and products for household needs

Private Joint Stock Company "Production Association "STALKANAT-SILUR" produces Kapron ropes and Polipropylene ropes for marine and river craft rigging, fishing trawls manufacture and repair in industrial fishery, in industry and construction engineering - hoisting ropes, in mountain climbing.

Kapron ropes are resilient, springy and able to withstand hard tugs.The advantages of polyamide are high stability, high abrasion and shock load resistance, decomposition and alkali resistance.

Polypropylene ropes are buoyant (0.91), nonhygroscopic and has high acid, alkali and solvent resistance. This material has higher bending resistance than kapron but yields to it in abrasion resistance.

Kapron ropes and Polypropylene ropes
of various types and purposes are in a section assortment, with  details of classification.

Kapron ropes and Polypropylene ropes
from PJSC "PA "STALKANAT-SILUR"" are accompanied by corresponding certificates of quality and have a high quality of manufacturing.