Steel fiber

Private Joint-Stock Company "Production Association "STALKANAT-SILUR" produces steel fiber of different application by the diameters from 0.5x30mm till 1.0x6,00mm.

Steel fiber is used for industrial floors, roads, airports, sprayed concrete for mining, walls constructions, road base reinforcement, underwater concrete, protective structures and other.

Steel fiber produces in according EN 14889-1:2006 with tensile strength 1 class  - 1150 MPa;  2 class- 1335 MPa; 3 class  - 1550 MPa.

Steel fiber for different types and purpose are presented in section assortment with detailed description and classification.

Recommended to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the steel fiber, as well as with the recommendations for the use on the application of Steel fiber of various types.

Steel fiber from PJSC "PA "STALKANAT-SILUR"" are accompanied by corresponding certificates of quality and have a high quality of manufacturing.