Steel wire

Private Joint-Stock Company "Production Association "STALKANAT-SILUR" produces steel wire of different application by the diameters from 0,20 mm up to 6,00 mm.
The plants "Stalkanat" and "Silur" dispose the capacities for the production of 125 thousand tones of wire per year and produce a half of total wire production in Ukraine.
Steel wire is used for: production of nails, binding, enclosures, meshes and other purposes, the reinforcement of concrete constructions, aerial communication lines, the sewing of polygraphic production, the mesh production, the production of industrial meshes, arc welding and for the electrode production, mechanical method welding, electric arc welding carbon and low carbon steel, the production of steel wire ropes,  the production of springs coiled in a cold condition and not subjected to hardening, reinforcement of the prestressed for containment shells, reinforcement of concrete sleepers, reinforcement of the prestressed concrete, stranded wires, the production of cores for non-insulated steel-aluminium and steel-bronze conductors, the production of high-pressure hoses for general purpose (class B) and for special techniques (class A),  the binding of the cotton bales, the production of ropes for tractors and agricultural machines, the production of corrugated meshes,  the production of cables and conductors.

Steel wires produce from low carbon, high carbon and welding wire rod diameter 6,5-8,0mm.

Steel wire for different types and purpose are presented in section assortment with detailed description and classification.
Recommended to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the Steel wire, as well as with the recommendations for the use on the application of Steel wire of various types.
Steel wire from PJSC "PA "STALKANAT-SILUR"" are accompanied by corresponding certificates of quality and have a high quality of manufacturing.