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Steel wire
Technical characteristics


Private Joint-Stock Company "Production Association "STALKANAT-SILUR" offers steel wire of different application by the diameters from 0,20 mm up to 6,00 mm.

The plants "Stalkanat" and "Silur" dispose the capacities for the production of 125 thousand tones of wire per year and produce a half of total wire production in Ukraine.

- Steel wire is manufactured of following types and applications: Low carbon steel wire for general purpose;
- Cold drawn low-carbon steel wire for the reinforcement of concrete constructions;
- Zink-coated steel wire for aerial communication lines;
- Polygraphie steel wire;
- Polygraphie copper-coated steel wire;
- Low carbon wire for meshes;
- Low carbon wire for industrial meshes;
- Welding steel wire;
- Welding steel wire copper-coated;
- Steel wire for ropes;
- Spring carbon steel wire;
- Round wire of diameter 5,00 mm made of carbon steel for reinforcement of the prestressed for containment shells;
- Carbon steel wire for the reinforcement of the prestressed concrete constructions; Carbon steel wire profile shaped for the reinforcement of the prestressed concrete sleepers;
- High-tensile wire for reinforcement of the prestressed concrete; Multicables wire;
- Zink-coated steel wire for cores of conductors; Steel wire for high-pressure hoses;
- Galvanized middle carbon heat treated wire for binding of cotton bales; Heat-treated steel wire for tractors and agricultural machines; Carbon wire for meshes;
- Zinc-coated steel wire for the production of cables and conductors.

The wire is delivered coiled in various variants:
- in coils by weight from 5 up to 250 kg;
- on spools of type BS-60;
- in coils of type Z2, Z2S, Z3;
- in coils of type "rosette";
- in coils with weight 500 - 1000 kg;
- on wire welded cassettes; on plastic cassettes.

Coil of wire with the weight up to 250 kg is coiled on vertically placed drawing machine. Turns of the wire are layed one on another on the drum and they have the same diameters which are equal to the diameters of winding drum. Coiling is strong. At the moment of taking the coil away and its baling little removal of wire turns rows is taking place.

Coil of the wire with the weight 500 - 1000 kg is coiled on horizontally placed metal sectional reel. Coiling has reel laying. By the collecting on the sectional reel diameter of turns in every row become larger. Coiling is stronger than coiling in small coil. Roping of coils doesn't break the layout of the turns.

Coils of Z2, Z2S and Z3 types have the same laying of the wire. But it is on inner paper core which is tied up with the wire. Rosette is a coil of the wire in the form of displaced turns against each other at the certain angle.

Quality management system of factories is certified acc. to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by "Bureau Veritas Certification" and ISO 9001:2000 by Certification Association "Russian Register".